Michele Kief suggests flexibility in travel

May 28, 2016
Blogger Michele Kief offers various services to her many clients, from helping choose investments to building comprehensive retirement plans. She makes it possible to make informed decisions based on individual and goal-oriented needs, including vacation planning. As an avid traveler, Kief
loves sharing advice about travel planning while also saving money. And what is her biggest tip? Be flexible.

In traveling, Kief notes that flexibility is the biggest downfall toward saving money. Whether planning the vacation or enjoying the adventure, a lack of flexibility often leads toward spending more dollars than desired. However, by having flexible travel dates, flexible travel destinations, flexible dinner decisions and flexible sight-seeing options, cash conservation is considerably possible.
Michele Kief is a Financial Advisor. She can offer a wide range of services, from assisting you to select individual investments to establishing a retirement plan. With usage of a broad assortment of company resources — including research analysts and economic and market experts — Michele Kief will allow you to make informed investment decisions predicated on your particular needs.